What is a Studio?

According to Wikipedia, the definition of a studio is “an artist’s or worker’s workroom.”

Ready to open the door?

As with most European words, this one comes from Latin (Studere) and means to study.
Real estate agents also have their definition of a studio: “A single room, usually small, that is usually taken up by students due to their limited resource.”

So why do we bother thinking about that?

Because in the process of revolutionizing retail, we’re starting to look at the world in a different way.
And not only looking, but acting too.
We’ve been toying with the idea of cross-pollination of competencies.
Pompous words? Maybe, but it’s all about getting people from different backgrounds and talents working together to achieve greater projects.
There are tons of specialist places (Tech, Music, Photography and other arts) but there are not many places where you can learn about something you have no idea about.
That is what we want #LeStudio52 to be, and even more.

We’ve secured a room in a former industrial complex in Shoreditch and we’ve been building the place.
It’s been a bit of a challenge, as neither David nor I have any experience in construction, painting and interior design!
However, it’s good fun to learn, and we see the progress every day.

We’ve also defined values for the community we are gathering:

  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Respect

So what is this post all about?
First of all, to let you know about what we’re up to – DONE
To spread the love for the hashtag: #LeStudio52 – DONE
But also to ask you what you would be expecting from a Creative Studio.

So here it is, the big question:

When you are in London, living, working, passing by, what is it that you miss and that would help you live, work, relax?


About Julien Fourgeaud

Social and Tech-savy. Been traveling the world, sharing with other cultures and energizing people. Favourite quote: “I love it when a plan comes together”. Proactive + Social + Innovator + Connected = Catalyst.
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