Bridging communities, building the movement.

A couple of days ago, we started to put the wheels into motion, revealing slowly what our next project is.
We introduced the Studio concept, based in London. We’ve received an overwhelming response from the community with loads of people asking us what it was all about.
In a nutshell, #LeStudio52 is a community of eclectic individuals, wishing to innovate by collaborating and sharing their competencies.
Based in a shared space in London, at the heart of the creative community.

Here is what our founding members have to say about it:

Because we are more than ‘just’ a designer, ‘just’ an engineer, ‘just’ a marketeer.
Because we want to learn, discover, experiment, share and imagine.
Because we live, work or pass through London.
Because we share the same values.

We are members of #LeStudio52.

We’ll be launching the Studio to a limited amount of members for a start, so follow the #LeStudio52 hashtag on Twitter or @LeStudio52.
The launch event is open, but will not be published widely.
When?   15th of September, 8pm
Where?  Secret location in London
What?    Details on the concept, celebration drink, social discussions

We’re lining up some sponsors for the opening event.
You’ll get to know more about that in the next couple of days!

If you feel like supporting Open Innovation, Creativity in new forms, Shared experiences and Achieving together, drop us a line “contact [at] lestudio52 [dot] com”


About Julien Fourgeaud

Social and Tech-savy. Been traveling the world, sharing with other cultures and energizing people. Favourite quote: “I love it when a plan comes together”. Proactive + Social + Innovator + Connected = Catalyst.
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