The deadly call… Going underground!

Wednesday 1.12, 11.30am, Central London.
My phone rings…
I pick up.
“Dear Mr Fourgeaud, this is John Doe from the Trafalgar Square Management team…”
“Hello Mr Doe…. What can I do for you?”
“We would like you to know that the 11.12 is considered as high risk by authorities for Student Protests. Therefore, we can not grant you access to the Square, and you would put your personal legal responsibility on the line for anything that would happen there on that day”
“Sounds great. I guess we will be revising our plans…”
“We would advise you to do so. And we would like you to immediately remove any references to Trafalgar Square in your event’s information”
“Will do…. Thank you Mr Doe”
“My pleasure. Have a good day Sir”
“Thank you, likewise”

Well, the conversation didn’t exactly go like that, but it was pretty much how I got to know that our plans had to change.

So what’s our next move?
We’re already discussing with a venue that could host us in the afternoon.
Numbers are growing by the minute so we’re definitely not gonna stop.

Obviously, we’re being watched, so we’re gonna have to go a bit more under cover now.
We set up a private mailing list to communicate with the people interested in the Flash Mob activity.

Please join that mailing list:
We’ll send an email on Friday evening or Saturday morning with the details of the Flash Mob and the meeting point after the event.
Book your afternoon starting from 2PM!
Make sure you synchronise your watches there:

The Team!


About Julien Fourgeaud

Social and Tech-savy. Been traveling the world, sharing with other cultures and energizing people. Favourite quote: “I love it when a plan comes together”. Proactive + Social + Innovator + Connected = Catalyst.
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