Partner announcement: Agloves

We are pleased to announce that Agloves is supporting the Angry Birds Day event.

Agloves are everyday knit gloves reinvented for a touch screen world.

The Agloves team did not simply “improve” on existing touch screen gloves, but instead studied capacitive screens to make an impressive new design that is simple, elegant, functional, and affordable. “Ag” is the symbol for silver on the periodic table and is the most conductive element. Silver fibers are knitted throughout the entire glove, not just on the fingertips, providing precision texting, 10-finger functionality, and warmth.

More about Agloves at, on Facebook ( or Twitter (


About Julien Fourgeaud

Social and Tech-savy. Been traveling the world, sharing with other cultures and energizing people. Favourite quote: “I love it when a plan comes together”. Proactive + Social + Innovator + Connected = Catalyst.
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