Turning the Studio into a movie studio!


First of all, let me wish you a wonderfull 2011 on behalf of all the members.
The year has started off quite fast for us and we’ve been planning loads of events!
But let’s start with the first one happening, and TODAY!
@bennycrime dropped by last night with his greenscreen kit.
We’ve been having fun building the set and did some tests.
Was surprisingly easy to turn the Studio into a full body greenscreen studio.
So what’s that for?
Benny is shooting a band, building their music videos and found the Studio to be a really good fit.

We’ll be having a session with the members tonight and we’d be glad to invite anyone who’s in shoreditch to come and play with us.

If you’ve ever dreamed of going to the moon, or shake Kennedy’s hand, join us tonight!


About Julien Fourgeaud

Social and Tech-savy. Been traveling the world, sharing with other cultures and energizing people. Favourite quote: “I love it when a plan comes together”. Proactive + Social + Innovator + Connected = Catalyst.
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