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Angry Birds sling shot toys for London Flash Mob participants!!!

We’ve been waiting that the toys would be in a secured location to announce the news!!! We will be giving out an exclusive Angry Birds sling shot toys to the first 150 people who will join the Angry Birds Day … Continue reading

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#AngryBirdsDay get coverage in Forbes! (via Mobile & Social)

One more coverage for the event! 🙂 Parmy Olson has been featuring #AngryBirdsDay in her “Morning Tech Wrap”. Let’s see if the more “businessy” crowd will join us in celebrating the game Amplify’d from Morning Tech Wrap: Hackers, Angry … Continue reading

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The deadly call… Going underground!

Wednesday 1.12, 11.30am, Central London. My phone rings… I pick up. “Dear Mr Fourgeaud, this is John Doe from the Trafalgar Square Management team…” “Hello Mr Doe…. What can I do for you?” “We would like you to know that … Continue reading

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Metro spreads the #AngryBirdsDay madness…

More coverage for the media, next is to federate the fans and build the best experience ever!

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