Partner announcement: Agloves

We are pleased to announce that Agloves is supporting the Angry Birds Day event.

Agloves are everyday knit gloves reinvented for a touch screen world.

The Agloves team did not simply “improve” on existing touch screen gloves, but instead studied capacitive screens to make an impressive new design that is simple, elegant, functional, and affordable. “Ag” is the symbol for silver on the periodic table and is the most conductive element. Silver fibers are knitted throughout the entire glove, not just on the fingertips, providing precision texting, 10-finger functionality, and warmth.

More about Agloves at, on Facebook ( or Twitter (

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[MGR] Bringing the Power!

This is the continuation of our Mobile Gaming Rig project.

As much as the PK301 has an internal battery and can operate independently, it does not output at full lumens rating.
With external power supply, it does bring 50 Lumens and works a lot better.

There is a battery extension, but we’ve been interested in making it last even longer.

Check that video for the progress:

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[MGR] DIY project for the #AngryBirdsDay build up!

With winter coming up, darkness settling down, and now an Angry Birds Day… we’re not thinking square anymore…
Cause we’ve decided to build something that would make us spend more time outside…
Insane, right?
Yes! And that’s the fun part 🙂

Here is a quick video that will give you an overview of what we’re up to in the next few days 🙂

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Partner announcement: Spreadshirt

We are pleased to announce that Spreadshirt is supporting the Angry Birds Day event.

Spreadshirt is the world’s creative platform for personalized clothing: create one-of-a-kind, high-quality, expressive apparel. Spreadshirt was founded in 2002 in Leipzig and is now active in Europe and the USA. Spreadshirt has millions of customers worldwide and over half a million shop partners. You can read about Spreadshirt and the people who work behind the scenes on the Spreadshirt Blogs, on Twitter or Facebook.

Spreadshirt will provide discount for their newly launched Angry Birds UK store to attendees of the event.
They are also providing us with couple of TShirts and a Hooded Sweater to be won in the competition.

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Partner announcement: Nokia

We are pleased to announce that Nokia is supporting the Angry Birds Day event.

With Symbian^3, their new operating system, Nokia has been renewing its service offering.
The Ovi Store brings quality apps that enhance the value of their latest product such as the N8 and C7.

Of course, Angry birds is available in the Ovi Store:

  • 6 levels demo
  • full game

The game plays quite well on the device, and one of the advantages is the HDMI output of the phone.
The phone’s screen is good for playing on your own, but playing with friends on a TV/Video projector is pretty cool.

More to come on the topic as we unveil the Angry Birds Day Competition 🙂

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7 days to go!

A quick update on what’s cooking for the Angry Birds Day London.

The numbers

  • 601Meetups worldwide to date!
  • London is leading New York with 130 participants for the day. We can do more than that!
  • 28 people registered to act during the Flash Mob. Join here!
  • Over 3000 combined views on the event content in a week!

The partners

As soon as the event got on the mainstream radar, we started to get contacted by companies interested in partnering with us. Nokia, GiffGaff, O2, Spreadshirt, Nuleaf Graphics, MinuteBox as well as few digital agencies such as OnlineFire, Paratus Communication and others.

We are still discussing the partnerships and we will announce them as soon as we’ve cleared up the last details 🙂

The Location & Venue

Following the change of plans because of risks of Student protests at Trafalgar Square, we’ve been adjusting and looking for a new location.
We’ve decided that we won’t be focusing on one specific place, but we’ll be doing stuff all around London.
We will however have an afternoon venue that we will disclose on the eve of the event.

The program

We’re still keeping most of the program secret as we want to keep build up the excitement.
We will be releasing material on the blog, but if you really want to get to know what’s going on, you should join the FlashMob Group.

Thanks again for your support and let’s keep the momentum.
We’ll be trying to issue a blog post a day to keep you in the loop!

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The deadly call… Going underground!

Wednesday 1.12, 11.30am, Central London.
My phone rings…
I pick up.
“Dear Mr Fourgeaud, this is John Doe from the Trafalgar Square Management team…”
“Hello Mr Doe…. What can I do for you?”
“We would like you to know that the 11.12 is considered as high risk by authorities for Student Protests. Therefore, we can not grant you access to the Square, and you would put your personal legal responsibility on the line for anything that would happen there on that day”
“Sounds great. I guess we will be revising our plans…”
“We would advise you to do so. And we would like you to immediately remove any references to Trafalgar Square in your event’s information”
“Will do…. Thank you Mr Doe”
“My pleasure. Have a good day Sir”
“Thank you, likewise”

Well, the conversation didn’t exactly go like that, but it was pretty much how I got to know that our plans had to change.

So what’s our next move?
We’re already discussing with a venue that could host us in the afternoon.
Numbers are growing by the minute so we’re definitely not gonna stop.

Obviously, we’re being watched, so we’re gonna have to go a bit more under cover now.
We set up a private mailing list to communicate with the people interested in the Flash Mob activity.

Please join that mailing list:
We’ll send an email on Friday evening or Saturday morning with the details of the Flash Mob and the meeting point after the event.
Book your afternoon starting from 2PM!
Make sure you synchronise your watches there:

The Team!

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